Empowering Gamers with curated games and assets.

We are a touchpoint between web3 games and gamers that want to find, compete, trade and earn.

We built a gaming hub for gamers powered by decentralization, innovation and fun.

Built-in Voting System

Your voice shapes our direction and integrations.

Games Discovery

Access a diverse array of integrated games and assets.

Gamified Experience

Engage in competitions, evolve and earn XP rewards.

Gateway to web3

Seamless wallet creation using your preferred social logins.

Competitions for every gamer.

Leverage our innovative Tournament Creation Module (TCM) for seamless competition management, as a brand or an organizer, introduce NFTs and tokens as prized rewards, creating a dynamic space for innovative partnerships and unique experiences.

Play and Own, Gaming Rewards redefined.

Compete in thrilling tournaments and elevate your victories to ownership. we introduce a revolutionary concept where gamers don't just win prizes – they own them. Redefine your gaming experience with us, turning every victory into a tangible asset you can proudly own and trade.

Automatic Bracketing

Whether you're a seasoned gamer or a newcomer, our intuitive bracketing system guarantees a smooth and fair competition experience.

Stats & insights

Our detailed statistics empower you to level up your gaming experience. Track your achievements, analyze your gameplay, and uncover insights that sharpen your skills.

Gaming Marketplace

Explore our curated marketplace where gamers and collectors find, buy, and sell unique game assets. From exclusive skins to powerful weapons, our Marketplace is your gateway to enhancing your gaming experience.

Omnichain Marketplace.

Discover and trade assets from voted-in and aggregated games, creating a dynamic marketplace driven by the preferences of the gaming community. We bring a fusion of the finest marketplaces, delivering a seamless user experience for gamers and collectors.


Social Features

Our social features redefine gaming experiences, allowing you to forge connections, share achievements, showcase collectables, chat and immerse yourself in a vibrant gaming community.

Digital Gaming

Your profile isn't just a page; it's your digital gaming identity. Join the community and share your gaming journey. Link your social accounts for seamless networking and stay in the loop with the latest gaming trends.

Craft your

While you can upload your favorite pictures, you can also tailor your digital persona, by embracing the future with NFT profile pictures – set up your unique NFT as your profile image. Your gaming journey, your style.


Our utility token is your key to an immersive gaming experience. Unlock exclusive features and influence platform decisions through voting and shape decentralized gaming.




Total Supply


Token Allocations

*Operations include Marketing and Tournaments

Token Utility

Voting Rights

You can vote for integrations to the platform.

Listing Fee

Integration of games in the platform features.

Used as a pair

$LYCAN is the main liquidity token used for swaps.

Service Fees

$LYCAN can be used to pay for fees in our platform.


A roadmap with decentralization at its core. Our development roadmap outlines the key milestones and features that will be rolling out in the coming months.


The inception (Early Q1)

DeFi Prize distro // Gamified XP // Platform Wallet // Solo & Team Tourneys // Tournament Creator // Chat System // Users Profiles // Web3 social login // TGE


Making a Statement (Late Q1)

Clans // FIAT on/off ramp // Assets Marketplace // Multichain prize distro


The Dawning

In-built Gov. System // Gaming DEX // Games On-Boarding // IDO // Asset Trading // Token-gated tournament entry // Token Swap // Quests


& Beyond

The Howling at the moon

Web3 T2P contract // On-chain Agreements V2 // Web3 Sponsor & Contract // Game Discovery

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